Pytheas provides Strategic Advisory & Thought Leadership to a broad spectrum of global clients, including Board and senior executive managers as well institutional money managers, pension funds, mutual funds, central banks, commercial banks, corporate liquidity managers and specialized portfolio managers, overlay managers and hedge funds. We support top management in taking value creating strategic solutions and introducing value intended control models.

Local as well as global investors have come to depend on Pytheas for the quality of its market intelligence, breadth of sector knowledge and creative “out of the box” thought. Our expert advice on how to establish, to expand, to cut back or hive off a business only comes about by a solid market strategic analysis and a company diagnosis.

In its “all-around relationship” approach with clients, Pytheas Strategic Advisory & Thought Leadership team designs and implements fully integrated solutions, often leveraging on the deep experience of its Asset Management, Investment Banking and Restructuring Teams. Our approach leads to an understanding of the factors that will determine the value of a company in the market. The same understanding will be used by Strategic Advisory & Thought Leadership to design value intended control models focused on quantitative as well as qualitative control variables and their impact on the desired behavior.

Pytheas provides clear and practical advice on how companies can best position themselves in the marketplace, to the global investment community and to governmental authorities.

Pytheas Strategic Advisory & Thought Leadership provides leading edge “Wise Counsel” and guides clients through critical path decisions and execution steps.

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