One is rated by others as he rates himself…

Pytheas can provide clear and practical advice on how a financial institution can best present itself to rating agencies and counter-parties. Whether you are an institution with or without an international credit rating, Pytheas can undertake an in-house advisory service that could have a significant impact on a rating.

A credit rating agency considers both quantitative and qualitative factors in, product lines, industry competitive positions, markets, distribution systems, organizational structure, earnings trends and profitability, performance and quality of investments, asset/liability management and liquidity, surplus position relative to risk profile and affiliated companies, understanding management's philosophy and the company's strategic direction. The rating, therefore, involves judgments about the future and includes assessments on how management and companies will respond to worst-case scenarios.

Pytheas can literally guide clients through the whole rating procedure. We assist our clients to complete and assemble information required by the credit rating agencies and advise on which data are most important to the agencies, what they are looking for, how to best present the information that they really need. Provide a basis for dialogue and negotiation with the rating agencies and an appeal process that allows for banks to make direct presentations to the rating committee.

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