Pytheas is a provider of business development related services to a broad spectrum of investor clients, including institutional money managers, pension funds, mutual funds, central banks, commercial banks, corporate liquidity managers and specialized portfolio managers, overlay managers and hedge funds. Local as well as global investors have come to depend on Pytheas for the quality of its market intelligence, breadth of product range and proficiency of execution.

To optimally address all the portfolio management needs of its investor clients, Pytheas creates client-specific teams that bring together industry and capital market expertise to finally offer truly comprehensive and fully integrated solutions captured by the organization's "all-around relationship" approach.

Combining innovative and in-depth industry and company analysis with high-level, comprehensive macro-economic perspectives, our research staff has steadily raised a well-established tradition of excellence to gradually higher levels.

Product experts, country specialists and industry analysts work in close unison and pool their talent to design, recommend, and, when appropriate, customize and fine-tune investment strategies that clients can act on in keeping with their portfolio preferences and imperatives. The breadth and quality of Pytheas' fundamental research and strategic advice, combined with its in-depth industry knowledge and geographic specialization, offer investor clients a wealth of information to evaluate and prioritize their investment decisions.

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