Specifically designed to address all the requirements of the turnaround and rescue procedures of businesses-in-distress, Pytheas provides professional and technical advice in structuring turnaround deals. This encompasses advising on complex areas of finance and law, implementing the turnaround deals and process, introducing new finance and enhancing this process with management skills and support.

Our specialists are first and foremost businesspersons experienced in managing troubled companies in various stages of distress. In critical situations, we concentrate on stabilizing the situation that is threatening the immediate survival of the business, i.e., negative cashflow or a calling of the loan by a creditor. Simultaneously, we will perform a business viability analysis and begin to prepare either a recovery or orderly liquidation plan.

Along with our experts in the Capital Raising and Strategic Advisory divisions we provide realistic financial and investment solutions with experienced hands-on management to implement viable and pragmatic rescue plans.

In most instances, we will assume the role of CEO, CFO or GM for a period of time and guide the company through the recovery and growth process. As the management of troubled businesses have often lost much of their credibility with lenders, suppliers, employees, customers, professionals, non-active shareholders and the community at large, retaining Pytheas is often the first sign to these constituencies that the company is taking positive steps toward both a recovery and in rebuilding damaged relationships. Pytheas serves as liaison or intermediary with the outside constituencies and presents bad news as a preamble to a plan of recovery. Pytheas functions as the business’ temporary nerve center employing its own credibility and becoming an advocate of the Plan.

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