The (a) confirmation of significant quantities of hydrocarbons in Cyprus, (b) the scientific estimates of equally significant quantities in the south and southwest of the Greek island of Crete and (c) the officially declared increased cooperation between Cyprus, Israel and Greece to jointly exploit their hydrocarbon deposits may prove to be a tremendous opportunity not only for Cyprus, Greece and Israel but for the EU as a whole.

World renowned scientists claim that the hydrocarbon deposits that lie south and southwest of the island of Crete are huge; and maybe bigger than those in the Levantine Basin; they dare to state that within the EEZ of Greece there may be as much as 51 tcm of natural gas! Could this lead into the making of a new energy corridor for the EU? Shouldn’t the EU be more actively involved in the efforts of its member countries, Greece and Cyprus? Isn’t this for the EU a project of Pan-European interest thus include it in its energy policy, coordinate and assist with technical knowhow but also with political leverage and other? As critical year 2020 is around the corner, aren’t the already scientific interpretations important enough to accelerate the EU think tanks and policy institutes view on the whole issue?

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