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The second version of a publication by PYTHEAS Investors Service with the collaboration of Ktimatoemporiki Crete of a market overview on the real estate industry of Crete, with title, “Buying real property in the Greek island of Crete”.

Due to the recent global financial crisis and the subsequent financial crisis in Greece the real estate market contracted. Greece is attracting a number of corporate and individual investors from around the globe recognizing the opportunity created. The commitment of the Greek government to encourage foreign direct investments and the higher potential growth in terms of returns on investment of property in Greece in the medium run compared to other countries in Europe makes Crete one of the most interesting real estate target markets in the country.

Additionally, the hard hit by the recession private individuals seek for affordable living, unspoiled environment, maximum of sunshine, satisfactory infrastructure, a cosmopolitan location but at the same time with character and tradition. And Crete undoubtedly falls within these parameters…

Proof of PYTHEAS’ world renowned market research capabilities, you will find this report thorough and complete, whether you are a permanent or seasonal home seeker, an individual or a corporate investor. While addressing all issues that an investor/individual should be aware of, this overview touches also topics such as Crete’s physiognomy, history, culture and demography.

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