th0004Organizations are human systems and their system structure includes the worldview, beliefs, and mental models of their leaders and members. Changing organizational 

behavior requires changing the belief system of its personnel. This process of changing beliefs, learning, requires clear, open communications throughout the organisation.

Organizational performance ultimately rests on human behavior and improving performance requires changing behavior. Therefore corporate restructuring should have as a fundamental goal the facilitation of clear, open communication that can enable organizational ongoing learning and clarify accountability for results. 

Continuous organizational learning is necessary to stay up to date. Organizations that cannot or will not learn will become obsolete. Leaders must periodically examine the structure of their organization to assure that it continues to provide an environment for organizational learning. The points of leverage in organizations are the beliefs and worldview of their decision makers. The sense of purpose, vision and commitment of an organization's leadership play a critical role in the results it can accomplish.

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