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PYTHEAS appoints Mwambula Apo Athina Limited as a Preferred Associate for Zambia. Mwambula is a leading national consulting company registered in Zambia with Head Offices in its capital Lusaka. Encompassing expertise of almost four decades that spans a variety of industries, the Company’s value-driven approach to projects and solutions is acknowledged to be effective, responsive, proactive and sustainable. Mwambula’s expertise covers the following industries: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Alternative & Renewable Energy, Hospitality & Tourism, Minerals & Mining, Public Infrastructure, Real Estate & Construction, Waste Management.

Zambia has had a long period of political stability with strengthened democratic credentials. With strong growth in the last decade the country has reached lower middle income status, and investor confidence has been high as evidenced in the successful issue of two Euro bonds. Zambia’s rapid economic growth of an average annual 6.4% over the last decade are the result of a combination of prudent macroeconomic management, market liberalisation policies, and increased foreign investment in the Minerals & Mining Sector, a sector that has the potential to contribute further to the country's development as it still remains largely unexploited. 

Accelerating growth and reducing poverty will necessitate increasing the competitiveness of the Zambian economy by reducing the cost of doing business and ensuring that the rural economy, upon which much of the population depends for its livelihood, contributes meaningfully to overall growth. Although a lot more needs to be done, It is the point of view of Pytheas that Zambia is well positioned – geographically, geopolitically, morphologically, economically – with a positive investment outlook for an emerging African country. Along with the valuable in-depth local knowledge of Mwambula, we seek to be uniquely positioned to rapidly and efficiently accommodate our valued clients’ capital raising needs in Zambia and the bordering countries.

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