PYTHEAS has been nominated by the Socrates Committee of Europe Business Assembly for the prestigious international award in quality and management spheres - “Best Enterprise”. According to the Socrates Committee this nomination is recognition of the excellent business reputation, effective management and constant growth of the enterprise.

Pytheas was chosen when ranked against the following criteria: investment attraction, high technologies, quality and staff for professional and modern management methods. The research was conducted by the analytical centres of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA, Oxford, UK).

The research results will be presented in the Institute of Directors (London, UK) ­world business capital, on April, 16, 2014 during the Annual Award ceremony “Achievements­-2014”. 

Notably, the International Socrates Committee supported by non-governmental organizations, professional and creative units from 16 countries organizes the ceremony "Achievements­-2014" to honour the best companies from all over the world with prestigious European prizes for professional successes and high quality. Organizers are focused on drawing business partners towards companies with modern management and reliable business reputation for cooperation.

Click here to see EBA’s nomination letter to Pytheas

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