Pytheas appoints Agrinz Technologies GmbH as a Preferred Associate. Established in 1976 in Austria, Agrinz Technologies is a firm offering environmental engineering solutions. Although it focuses on renewable technologies such as biogas production and energetic utilization of industrial residues, Agrinz Technologies, for almost half a century now, offers complete solutions in hydraulic engineering and water management, agricultural waste treatment and plant optimization; all complimented by facility and project management, surveying, and state of the art data processing and information technology.

It is the point of view of Pytheas that sustainable development well represents one of the biggest business booms of the world of today (and of tomorrow). In our effort to constantly pursuing with ingenuity and creativity to develop new business models, better designs and new ways of thinking about markets, products and services, Pytheas and SWLS find in Agrinz Technologies a trusted partner with solid and extensive background in specialized and sustainable systems for the production of biogas from carbohydrates produced in starch crops and cellulosic biomass which will undoubtedly further enhance our service and reach to our valued Clients. 

For more information on Agrinz Technologies visit their website.

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