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It has come to our notice that there have been incidents of fraud pertaining to the misrepresentation of our corporate identity. Names of Pytheas’ company executives have also been fraudulently misrepresented...

Pytheas appoints Agrinz Technologies GmbH as a Preferred Associate. Established in 1976 in Austria, Agrinz Technologies is a firm offering environmental engineering solutions. Although it focuses on renewable technologies such as biogas production and energetic utilization of industrial residues, Agrinz Technologies, for almost half a century now, offers complete solutions in hydraulic engineering and water management, agricultural waste treatment and plant optimization; all complimented by facility and project management, surveying, and state of the art data processing and information technology.

It is the point of view of Pytheas that sustainable development well represents one of the biggest business booms of the world of today (and of tomorrow). In our effort to constantly pursuing with ingenuity and creativity to develop new business models, better designs and new ways of thinking about markets, products and services, Pytheas and SWLS find in Agrinz Technologies a trusted partner with solid and extensive background in specialized and sustainable systems for the production of biogas from carbohydrates produced in starch crops and cellulosic biomass which will undoubtedly further enhance our service and reach to our valued Clients. 

For more information on Agrinz Technologies visit their website.

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Did you know?

that Pytheas has presence in 41 countries?

that Pytheas through its Soil Water + Life Solutions is probably the only entity world wide that can provide a-no-chimney-no-landfill-solution for the treatment of municipal solid and liquid waste?

that the Boeotian Hesiod about 3000 years ago theorized on the entrepreneurship typical of the market (an early laissez-faire), identifying the effects of government debasement of the coinage, which causes a decrease in its purchasing power (think Adam Smith, Keynes and post Keynes), arguing about the importance of competition and the importance of justice and the law in order to foster order and harmony in society?

that the revenue that is generated from gambling is more than the revenue derived from movies, cruse ships, recorded music, theme parks and spectator sports combined?

that in a lifetime the average European or North American will discard more than 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage and about a ton of trash per person per year?

that Pytheas the ancient Greek explorer, mathematician, astronomer and navigator must have travelled to the American continent at the time of Alexander the Great?

that Confucius about 2,500 years ago argued that the government should not compete for profit with the people, as it would only result to the exploitation of the population?

that annually, the amount of garbage that is dumped in the world’s oceans is three times the weight of fish that is caught from the oceans?

that every year, Americans buy more than 100 million cell phones, yet fewer than 20% of old cell phones are recycled and that recycling just a million cell phones reduces greenhouse gas emissions equal to removing 1,368 cars off the road for a full year?

that of all the restaurants that are opened, 90% of them fail in the first year and of the remaining ones that survive, 90% of those fail in the second year?

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