As a part of an organization that singularly focuses on its clients and associates, in conjunction with local communities, environmental and key stakeholders, Pytheas Minerals & Mining supports intensive exploration programs of resource definition, infrastructure review and feasibility studies with the aim of growing a diversified mineral extraction and export industry, delivering value while operating in an ethically and socially responsible manner, and remaining committed to long term sustainable development.

Gold, Silver, Diamonds

Main objectives

  • To become a significant unaligned heavy mineral and diamond, gold and silver producer with near term production supplying niche markets.
  • Establish ourselves as the world’s most effective distribution channel for rough diamonds;
  • Remap the world of African gold and the gold world in general through clean technology application, transparency and sustainability.
  • Further invest in the exploration, development and operation of diamond, gold and silver mines;
  • Invest in gold and silver refining in the African continent.


  • Become a significant, unaligned heavy mineral producer supplying niche markets within 3 years;
  • Develop proven resources with reasonable low risk and high upside;
  • Explore opportunities in areas with proven reserves and high exploration potential;
  • Develop high value resources;
  • Obtain a majority and controlling working interest in our projects;
  • Optimize and ensure economic operations;
  • Return maximum value to shareholders.

Oil & Gas

Pytheas Minerals & Mining works with the full range of players in the Oil & Gas industry developing concrete solutions for our valued clients:

  • International energy companies;
  • Integrated Oil & Gas companies and utilities;
  • Governments, regulators, industry associations, and nongovernmental organizations;
  • Global power developers,
  • Technology companies, original equipment manufacturers, and suppliers to the Oil & Gas industry and
  • Emerging Oil & Gas traders and merchants.
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