Integrating its structuring proficiency, intimate knowledge of prevailing market dynamics, and distribution power with its thorough industry expertise and keen awareness of geographic idiosyncrasies, Pytheas is uniquely positioned to rapidly and efficiently accommodate its clients' capital raising needs.

Our organization's broad-ranging debt capabilities include, syndicated lending, restructuring finance, money market instruments (including commercial paper), high-grade securities, high-yield securities, securitized finance (including asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities), structured finance (including collateralized loan obligations, collateralized debt obligations, and credit derivatives), emerging markets origination (sovereign and corporate bonds; local and global issues), project finance, private placements.

On the equity underwriting side, Pytheas' origination capabilities include, initial public offerings follow-on common stock issues, convertible issues, private placements.

On the equity finance side, see Pytheas Equity Finance.

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